Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Beautiful Video. And Some Introductions.

I watched this 2-minute video yesterday and wept. Watched it again just then and wept AGAIN.


Can't wait to show it to my kids. It's amazing how something so simple and short can provoke such emotion ... yet we all go to the movies and spend a hundred dollars to watch some crap smash-and-crash.


Ok I am ELATED to introduce you to my first ten advertisers. All neatly organised in that column over there ---->

When I got out of hospital I wasn't sure if I could still provide consistent, somewhat decent content here. But I think I can, so I put the call out for ad spots and some beautiful people came to the party. ALL women. All varied businesses, too. It is my complete pleasure to have them here with me. Technically I wasn't supposed to start until the 1st of October but I just couldn't wait.

There's Cate Bolts divine etsy shop, Cabo Pickles.

One of the Blue Mountains most refreshing, prestigious real estate agencies, UMI. (With the stunning Karen Lister.)

Flying Penguin  with its extraordinary, educational toys.

Beautiful blogger Always Josefa, with her false eyelashes and a unicorn.

And have you met Annabel Candy, from Get in the Hot Spot?

The Little Black Dress Boutique will be launching soon. (Watch this space: I can tell you more about it in October.)

There's the gorgeous Nathalie from Easy Peasy Kids (love you Nat!)

Check out these INCREDIBLE cakes at Love to Bake. (They service the Northern Beaches and all throughout Sydney. The sponges look *amazing* ... think I'll order one just for the hell of it.)

Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids ... man I wish I was more like her.

Last but not least, author A.D.Scott has a new book out called North Sea Requiem, a thriller set in the Highlands of Scotland in the 1950s .

So that's everybody, for October. I feel incredible grateful and lucky that such an awesome, varied mix of really talented women chose to advertise with me. It gives me a bit of self-worth in what and why I write here and we all need a healthy dose of self-esteem every once in a while.

(If you're interested for advertising in November please email me on There's only ten slots at a time.)

See you tomorrow for Street Talk! Xx

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