Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Snowgum: The Best Holiday Rental House In Katoomba!

I want to live in this house because mine's too big:

Dave bought the corner block of this land YEARS ago and it it just sat there, patiently waiting for finance and re-finance and time and energy to build one of my favourite houses ever.

It's been hired out as rental accommodation up here in the Blueys for a while now, and is listed on Stayz HERE.

I keep telling Dave that WE should go over and have a weekend away. In our own town. I would move there in a flash.

Snowgum is about a five-minute drive to the Three Sisters at Echo Point, far away in time. It sleeps twelve, is fully-furnished and has a separate self-contained studio. Last Friday night I had a phone call from Dave asking me to go out there and drop off some more towels and wineglasses for the people who had hired it out for the weekend. It was cold, I had to take Rocco with me, and carefully manhandle six fancy wine glasses and I don't even DRINK wine. Annoying.

I knocked on the door, Rocco ran straight in, and the groups of families in there were SO LOVELY, having the best time. It was freezing out but the fire was roaring and the atmosphere was gorgeous. They asked if I wanted a wine and I said if I had a wine I'd never leave, but thank you anyway.

So. That's Snowgum. I told Dave I was going to write about it here and spruik and he said sure .... but I think I should take it a step further and offer a free weekend away for somebody, worth $950. (I think. Sometimes more, depending on the season.) All you have to do is leave a comment on why you need a weekend away - I'm so getting Dave to pick the winner because I get sad when I have to pick because not everyone can win.

Maybe, if you don't win you can email Elisa from Stayz HERE and give her a code of EDENLANDSENTME and she can give you 10% off any booking for the next three months? I'm making this all up as I go along.

(You should totally come up and stay and I can bring fancy wine glasses over and we can talk about the moon or the weather. Or how I need to go invoice Dave now because I think I just wrote him a sponsored post. HA!)

I'll get Dave to pick his winner in the next few days and announce it on the blog soon - I don't know when. (This is why I failed at professional blogging.)

PS Here's my Official Blue Mountains Tourism Campaign, if you're thinking of coming up.

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