Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Prevention Magazine. AND RED SHOES

A little while back I was invited to be a part of Prevention Magazines 40 Most Inspiring Australian Women Over 40. I was not long out of hospital and thought, maybe I shouldn't traipse all the way down to Sydney for a photo shoot when I feel so ..... yuck.

But I did. I try say yes to things wherever I can because one day I'll be dead and when you're dead you can't say yes.

So here's this months Prevention Mag:

Here's where I am:

And here's all that's left of the Wicked Witch of the East:

SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL. And I'm not even a shoe person ... had to take them off to walk through the lobby.

I feel incredibly honoured to be a part of this, that I was included with some Australian women from all different walks of life. I'm in the Creative section, which tells my blogging story and I LOVE how they mentioned my World Vision gigs.

Thank you for reading my blog - you, right there.  It's a strange thing to be a blogger. But to have people come here and tell me their stories back, or just to read and nod silently - I'm really grateful.

My blog became such a part of me that I'm not sure who I would have been without it.

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