Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Things From My Google Machine: An Angry God, Storytelling, and the Burning.

Watching Louis C.K. makes me want to be a stand-up comic. I definitely have the inappropriateness, but certainly not his - finesse? He's an artist, his routines his instrument. SO GOOD.

(Is it just me, or does everyone fall into YouTube wormholes at 2am when you KNOW you're going to regret it in the morning?)

Ten Great Contemporary Works Of Political Art - "Some artists operate on a different wavelength, channeling the injustices, imbalances, and harsh realities of their daily lives or the lives of those in need to create their art."

Female Masturbation? There's an App for that. 

Speaking of Apps, my amazingly talented friend Beth from BabyMac has now launched her third edition of Beverley Magazine. Her equally talented husband Rob has now launched his own, and named it Bert. "A place for the passionate, the hand-made, the sustainable."

On Brainpickings: How to Stay Sane. (The Art of Revising Your Inner Storytelling.) - "We are primed to use stories. Part of our survival as a species depended upon listening to the stories of our tribal elders as they shared parables and passed down their experience and the wisdom of those who went before."

Lastly, this post from one of my favourite writers, Justine Musk. "Soul on Wings" ... gave me both goosebumps and tears. (Also reinforced my ambition to one day make it to Burning Man.)

So many things to burn.

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