Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This Guy.

This morning I couldn't find either of Roccos two school jumpers. I looked and looked and found that he'd stuffed all of his clothes into his toyboxes then put all of his toys into his cupboard. I was so cranky, said:

"Oh, I guess you've left it all for mum to clean up all your mess again then, huh?!

Drove him to school and he's chattering away in the back without a care in the world because he doesn't have a care in the world. He keeps wishing it was Halloween.

"Mum WHEN is it Trickle Treat? I want it to be Trickle Treat today!"

For the past few years he's been saying, I THINK MY TOOTH IS WIGGLY. Every time I feel it, it's not wiggly at all. He's just jealous, watching Max lose teeth while his stay firmly put.

"The tooth fairy's gonna give me, just, SO much money one day when my teeth come out."

On the weekend, Rocco and I were a duo. We went shopping, ate burritos, slept in the same bed. We watched the first Harry Potter movie together in front of the fire. Back to the very beginning ... when Daniel Radcliffe was so little! Rocco adored it. We watched the Chamber of Secrets the next day, and now Rocco is obsessed.

"Can we watch another Harry Potter now mum?"

I worry how scary the films eventually get, told him we can watch a few more.

I'm in love with the way his hair grows into the cutest little sideburns, all of their own accord.

While looking for his school jumpers, I ended up clearing out his entire wardrobe. Found a huge bag of his baby things, clutched his teeny clothes to my chest I cried. Still don't know why .. my days of babies are well and truly over (THANK HEAVENS). But this Rocco of mine, who has tested my patience and limits on every level since the moment he was born, is big now.

He's been dressing himself in boots and shorts for years.

He suddenly stopped wearing pull-ups to bed a few weeks ago. He can bounce a ball for ages, run faster than me, and helps bring the wood in for the fire. Last week his teacher asked me to come in for a few words. Rocco was being a bit naughty and teaching the other children exactly how to be naughty too. I apologised, told her I'd be right on it. I told her I was always a bit worried that he'd started school before he turned five, does she think he's doing ok? She laughed, told me to trust her, he's more than ok.

"The whole school knows Rocco. He has so many friends. He's fine."

Last night he sidled up to me:

"Mum serious, my tooth is wiggly ... feel it."

And it was.

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