Friday, 21 June 2013

Street Talk: Jay And His Big Issue.

I was in Sydney today. Walked to Harry's Cafe de Wheels and ate a pie topped with mashed peas.

Then I watched all the jocks exercising in Hyde Park.

And then I saw Jay, selling the Big Issue.

People whirred around past him.

The Big issue is:

".. a not-for profit-social enterprise that develops solutions to help homeless, marginalised, and disadvantaged people positively change their lives." 

Basically, it's one of the coolest magazines in town, notorious for its worthy cause and kick-arse writers. Around the big cities streets you'll find Big Issue Sellers dressed in their distinguished uniforms, all with different and big stories to tell.

Today I met Jay. It was 1pm and he told me I was his first sale of the day and we talked about the weather for a bit .. namely how freezing it is for Sydney. He pointed at everyone in such a hurry around us.

"People are usually pretty good … but they're in a real rush. Most don't stop for a chat. I'm always up for a chat … I chat to everyone." 

I tell him I do, too. I bought two.

They're only six bucks each and they really help people on the fringes of society. It's their job, and all the sellers I've ever seen take it all very seriously.

Jay tells me he also makes jewellery, shakes my hand really hard.

"I don't want to let go."

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