Friday, 28 June 2013

Street Talk: Emma The Adult Shop Cashier

Dave took it upon himself to help me with Street Talk today. I told him I felt like talking to an old guy so we went up to one and I did my spiel and was knocked back. It's embarrassing when people say no but Dave just laughed. We walked around in the rain for a while until we passed the alley where our local adult shop is.

Laughing, we went upstairs doubting if it was even still open - it was! We walked inside and BANG. A whole host of material assaulted our eyes. I tried hard to act cool, whispering to Dave. I showed him some outfits.

"These are cool hon, what do you think?"

There's nowhere to look that isn't rude. I grabbed something off the shelf that was ten dollars and told Dave I was going to buy it and THEN see if I could ask the cashier a few questions for my blog.

She said yes! Her name is Emma, she has facial piercings and gorgeous tattoos on her chest. She was very self-assured. Sadly, it's store policy that we weren't allowed to take any photos.

"I've only been working here for four days ... it's pretty cool so far."

Dave asked if she felt intimidated and Emma laughed. She is a local and has lived here her entire life. I asked her what the most popular thing in the store.

"Adult DVD'S. They go anywhere from $25 ..... to $109."

The expensive ones usually have multiple discs in them. Emma pointed behind her, said there was still a collection of video tapes that get hired out. She was preoccupied so we left pretty quickly. She was amazing.

(I didn't even WANT a buttplug.)


Friday Street Talk is an unfolding art project. I'm so grateful and blown away that people (and on occasion, things) ... say yes to talking with me, trusting me with some snippets of who they are. It keeps changing. 
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