Wednesday, 29 May 2013

We Need More Wild Abandon.

Hi, it's me. Just trying to work stuff out, be present as a parent, hold my shit together, doing the very best I can. Finding beauty in things like the way these guys hugged this morning.

                           Love is this completely real thing. 

Some big news on the weekend: I made a pizza from scratch. Dough and all.

I went out to the veggie garden to collect some basil (that the boys promptly picked off) and mentioned to Rocco that there was a carrot that looked like it was ready to be picked. So he RUNS out, pulls it with all of his might and ....

... and he laughed like I've never heard him laugh.


As I put him into bed that night he was all, 

"Remember that square carrot?" 

And just lost it, laughing so, so hard. With wild abandon.

It's autumn. All the leaves are falling and I'm steeling myself, imagining next springs minuscule buds underneath the bare branches.

I put some Blunnies on Daves' account at the hardware shop, texted him a thank you. 

My gorgeous friend Kim and I talk about each others mental health a lot. It's quite relieving to have someone know what you're going through.

                            Great on the outside, complete wrecks on the inside.

She casually asks me what I've been watching on TV - I tell her American Horror Story, Greys Anatomy, The Wire.

She told me to stop with the gory, negative scary shit IMMEDIATELY and hire out some light and fluffy escapism. So I did.

 Oh, to be Addison! (Am I the last person alive to hire DVDs from the video shop? I have seventy-five dollars in late fees and every time I go in I have to pay ten percent of it. So manageable right now. *slowclap*)

I scored a preview this week of watching a few episodes of Australian Hamish MacDonalds new series"The Truth Is ...?" Hamish is a journalist, news presenter, and foreign correspondent. Each episode sees him and his team scouring the globe looking for engaging, offbeat stories of places and people.

It's a bloody ripper - killer graphics, really well presented, and starts next Monday on Channel 10 at 8.30pm. I hope it gets picked up internationally.

Hey Hamish - nice jocks.

So. That's where I'm at ... hanging out washing, folding, writing, organising dinner, school notes.

Trying to let that all be enough. Because it is. In this world of QUICK FAST BETTER BEST .... simple and small is enough. Even though we may not feel it.

How are you doing? Anyone have any fines, anywhere? (I have one at the library too.)

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