Friday, 29 March 2013

Street Talk: You, The Blog Reader.

Street Talk couldn't be done today. Sorry.

I was wondering about you. If I met you on the street, say .... on an information superhighway. What would you say if I asked you some questions? Can I ask you some questions? How are you? How's life?

1) Do you have a nemesis?
2) Is suicide a bad thing?
3) Favourite live performance of a musical act? Why?
4) Earliest memory?
5) How will the world end?

You can answer anonymously in the comments if you feel like it.


Friday Street Talk is an unfolding art project. I'm so grateful and blown away that people say yes to talking with me, trusting me with some snippets of who they are. 

Previous Street talks:

1. Noelene the Young
2. Megan the Mouse
3. Harpal the Australian
4. Darren the Artist
5. Jo the Interesting
6. John the Telstra Guy
7. Michael the Photographer
8. Peg the Lady
9. Jeff the Preacher Man
10. Andres the Cobbler
11. Honey the Prostitute
12. Mark the Masseur

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Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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