Wednesday, 20 March 2013

So This Blogger Walks Into Kirribilli House And Interviews The Prime Minister.

The first thing I need to explain about this video is that my hair looks CRAP. A red Elvis cowlick, because I was so worried about people commenting on how closely the PM and I resemble each other with our red hair and glasses, that I threw it up in a not-very-well-coiffed ponytail. (Because obviously as soon as a woman gets any traction at all in the public space, her looks are up for discussion.)

I wondered whether to even interview her at all, given the torrential negativity and leadership de-stabilisation that's happening even to this very day. It's like when a person is getting bullied at school and you have nothing against them but you don't want to be seen with them because you might get bullied too.

Whatever. Bring it - I'm tired of reading garbage. For the record, it was a complete honour and privilege to be given the opportunity to ask the Prime Minister of Australia anything I wanted. It was fascinating and symbolic, of a lot of things.

When Dave and I finally watched it last night at the dinner table I said,

"Hon, she's actually really talking."

Of course she actually really talks, but the usual Joe Blow on the street only gets soundbites when the news is told to us at 6pm.

We live in one of the best countries on earth ... the Lucky Country. I've been to countries that have no sanitation, no running water, no toilets and no democracy. Australia has free schooling, free healthcare ... so much! (I was this >< close to thanking the PM for the free rehabs in my twenties.)

All I hear these days is whinging and whining and bullshit, and a lot of people need to shut the hell up.

Last week I went to buy some chicken schnitzel from my butcher Norm because he crumbs them all himself using his secret recipe and I hate crumbing. Ain't nobody got time for that! Norm asked me what I'd been up to lately, his shop was full of people, and my mouth just goes:

"Well, I went out to dinner with Jullia Gillard at Rooty Hill."

People laughed because it was just so random. I thought Norm would launch into some kind of diatribe but he just said:

"Eden you tell Jules that I think she's doing a bloody good job running the country. It can't be easy."

I'm really careful about anything that I write about here and wasn't sure if it even belonged on a personal blog.

But if writing online the past six years has taught me anything, it's that a personal blog is very, very political.

What do you think of the current state of politics and media and gender and everything? Where's your favourite places to consume your news?

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