Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Failed Derby Girl.

Have you met Failed Derby Girl?

She joined a roller derby team at the age of forty but only lasted a few months before dropping out. Another failed thing. The call of children and homelife reeled her back.

She does her best writing for free. Her life is her art, just like everybody else's. Tappity-tap!

Failed Derby Girl has a lot of pining and aching for a life she will never lead. She's messy at everything. But just because she can't find Domesticity on a map, doesn't mean she can't bake a mean cupcake.

She's the only person in the entire house who knows how to get the bits of baked-on shit from under the rim of the toilets. (When everybody gets home at the end of the day, nobody ever thanks her but that's ok.)

Failed Derby Girl rails against the hellish crucifix of her youth but has a sensual penchant with the Buddha on her backdeck. She told God she doesn't believe in Him. God doesn't believe in Her, either.


She can interview the Prime Minister in the middle of a nervous breakdown. Her lack of motives and agenda confuses people. She likes to water weeds, for who's to say what will grow and what will not?

Failed Derby Girl has been with the same man for over thirteen years. The love is fierce and hardcore: he is the only one who has never tried to tame untameable her.

She bore two boys from her belly. She will never mother them "properly." Love conquered all. But then what?

Failed Derby Girl shares the secrets of the mothers of the superheroes, the givers of milk. (Dinosaurs disapprove the public latching on.)

There's more to everything, and worlds within worlds.

She sets herself on fire every morning and starts again.

Do you?


Photography by Mary Canning

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Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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