Monday, 18 March 2013

Boys, Inc.

One minute Max and Rocco are thick as thieves; the next they fight like crazy. Usually I umpire the arguments and tears, but I've hung up my whistle. I'm out. From now on when they come and dob, I'm just going to shrug like some other hardcore mums I see.

"Is there any blood? Then I don't want to hear it. Go."

Being at the same school has definitely changed the dynamic, but still they fight. You'd think six years difference would mean peace and understanding! No.

Last Friday seemed different. They tumbled in the house, whispering loudly, then shouted that they were "Just going outside to play on the trampoline mum."

We have one of those dangerous, old school trampolines that Dave found on the side of the road. The boys dragged it purposely out of my vision. Hilarity and hi-jinks ensued, for about twenty minutes. I KNEW they were doing something naughty. But they were just having so much fun.

I crept outside.

                             Max to Rocco: "When it starts to fall ..... RUN."

Barefoot, using wooden planks with nails sticking out of them, surrounded by bushland inhabited by killer snakes and spiders. They saw me and we all laughed so hard.


Later in the bath Rocco declared it: "The best fun we've ever, ever had."

This morning they jumped out of the car and Max ran off and Rocco whined at him to slow down because he has little legs and I shouted "Max, wait for your brother!"

My voice reverberated on the dashboard and they didn't hear me.

Hopefully they made it to school anyway.


Is anybody else really overwhelmed by this week and it's only Monday? I believe we're gonna need a bigger cake. 

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