Monday, 7 January 2013

Melbourne Told Us To Eat Cake.

We ate all of Melbourne's cake. The weather, the colour, the culture, creativity, inspiration, passion, the funky vibe on EVERY street corner.

We ate all of it.

The boys have never been to Melbourne before, and Dave had only been once briefly, years ago. We went to the Peoples Market, stayed at the Cullen, shopped everywhere, ate everything, talked laughed and played together.

Each morning Dave got up at the crack like he always does, made his cup of tea as I watched him watch the busy street below. It's so exciting to stay right in the thick of the action of things. He loved it like I knew he would. Yesterday we found some shorts and shirts that suited him SO much I can hardly believe it.

Shopping with a four-year old is not advisable.


Melbourne has something that other cities do not. Still working out what it is .... a sense of community, that we're all in this together? A vibe of possibility, that if you want to forge ahead and do something, you just can?

I don't know ... but it's awesome and made me feel bold and alive.

THE. BEST. SHOPPING. I bought about five new colourful dresses and some sequinned skirts. India taught me to celebrate being a woman and to wear bright things, any day. Every day.

I had a really rough day emotionally on the first day, was no use to anybody so the boys all went exploring while I cried it off for a few hours in the hotel room. Don't know why .... maybe the past few weeks/months of christmas rush. Maybe the Delhi slum pile that's still there while I gadabout. Maybe the moon. Who knows ... sometimes it's best to just ride these things out without questioning so much.

When I met up with Dave, he'd bought me a gold cross of bones because he knows me so well.

We walked our legs off, bought some cool things from some retro shops, didn't get to bed before 10pm every night.

I like how the guy up from Max in the teppanyaki place ... is helping him to catch his food. 

Forget the Ghost Train. The scariest thing at Luna Park in St Kilda yesterday was THIS.

Ladies, remember to wear a strong bra on the Scenic Railway. It's the last wooden roller coaster left in Australia .... quite rickety. Rocco kept calling it a "Roaster Cola."

I went on the Power Surge with Max. He KNEW I was freaking out. (The safety bar could have given way at any time.)

"Mum, just enjoy it. Put all your bad thoughts away."

My wise, wise boy. So I did. And I'm now going to apply his advice to the rest of my life, starting with right now this instant. This one day today.

We'll be the family uncomfortably holding all of our 1960's light fittings on our laps on the plane back to Sydney today.

Thanks heaps, Melbourne. Awesome cake. We'll be back!

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