Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Despite Of His Rage He Is Still Just A Budgie In A Cage.

We got a pet budgie and I don't like it.

Max asked for one for Christmas and I was in a rush, thought quickly how easy they are to manage, said "Sure mate!"

I didn't think it through properly, so when Max and Dave came walking through the door with this scared creature with clipped wings I just felt so sad. Still do. Max named him "Daxter" but Rocco calls him "Texta." Rocco had a lot of questions about Texta.

"Max, does Texta have a penis?"
"Max, does Texta have a vagina?"
"Max, if Texta doesn't have a penis or vagina ... does he even have a BUM?!"

I'm pretty sure the budgie knows there's a whole sky - a whole horizon, that he can never fly into. He's just in this budgie jail and he didn't even do anything wrong.

Dave sometimes puts the whole cage outside, so the budgie can look at the other birds flying free in the trees near our back deck.

Behold, Daxter ... all the things you can never experience! Have a great day, lil buddy!

I asked Dave if he thought the budgie was self-aware, maybe knew there was something outside of himself (i.e.. the sky) that he could never be part of. If the budgie would feel a longing in his heart that he could never define, just something. A sense of longing, a spiritual void he's going to feel for his whole life. Knowing that there must be something bigger out there, and surely as he hops from rung to rung he wonders if there's more to life than just his cage?

Dave took all of my questions in his stride, then asked me what could we do to make Daxters life better?

I told him there's nothing to be done at this point. We just need to make Daxter as comfortable as possible for his remaining time on the planet.

Max loves his jailbird budgie. He held him properly for the first time yesterday and was so proud of himself.

"I'll make sure his life is comfortable, mum."

(Oh that boy!)

I googled budgerigar and even knowing there's millions of other budgies in cages around the world doesn't make me feel better. Makes me feel sadder.

I'm sorry, Texta. If it's any consolation, I know exactly how you feel.


Does anyone have any budgie tips? And did you know it's budgerigar, not budgerigard? MIND BLOWN.

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