Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Light That Never Goes Out.

"Lighthouses don't fire cannons to call attention to their shining. They just shine.” - Dwight Moody

Today I got lost on the way to a lighthouse, which is pretty funny. I didn’t set out to walk to the lighthouse, just felt yuck from eating too much so told Dave and the guys I’d be back in an hour. Walked all the way over to Norah Head and looked across at the beaches we’ve been coming to for years.

I’d never seen them from this angle before. We only ever see the lighthouse in the distance, use it as a backdrop for our photos. I have a penchant for lighthouse symbolism. We have about three paintings of them at home. On a mission, I googled directions and followed my phone like a compass. When I rounded that bend and saw her, I teared up. How come I've never come to see her before? She's been here all this time?

Doesn't she look like a magnificent church?

I raced back and got Dave and the boys to meet me at the turnoff on the freeway, told them I was going to take them somewhere AMAZING.

“Is it a waterpark mum?” 

Rocco was in a bad mood, Max was visibly disappointed …. but we did it anyway.

Owen, a maintenance worker volunteering his tour guide services, took us on a tour today. We all loved his stories. The light can be seen for fifty-four kilometres. There’s seventeen shipwrecks in the surrounding seas. It was built in 1903, is fully automated now, and the very first thing he said when he started talking was an acknowledgement of the Aboriginal land the lighthouse was built on.

"Son, this is the first iPod ever made."

I want all of our kids to believe in a power greater than themselves. Universe, nature, divinity, whatever they want to call it. I want them to know that there is a Light that never goes out, that when they’re in danger of falling onto rocks they just need to look around, get their bearings, accept guidance.

Told Owen that if anybody could break a lighthouse, this guy could.

Rocco soon perked up because an old man kept talking to him and he loves old men. He patted Rocco on the head and told him he had very beautiful eyes. We had to keep stopping so he could catch his breath on the way up. His name was Jim.

The view from the top. Spectacular. Imagine all the shipwrecks out there, under the sea.

It was so exciting to get up there. The boys ended up having a great time. Dave was a trooper for just dropping everything and coming and he LOVED it, I love watching him love things. The history and the way it was built, the technology they used back in the old days was meant to LAST. I wish more things were built to last.

I now present to you .... my batwing! And also a lighthouse.

It was the best way to start the year off. I love the lighthouse so much I wanted to put her in my pocket when we left, take her out when I go through tough times.

This song has nothing to do with lighthouses, but I kept thinking of it today. Used to blast it right when me and Davey Gravey got together. Happy New Year, everybody. We made it! 

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