Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Money Or The Box?

"We've got to edit, ruthlessly. We've got to clear the arteries .. of our lives." - Graham Hill

I sold most of the things I put up for sale on Gumtree the other week. Except the biggest thing, the billiard table. We're a little relieved about that, because she really is a beauty. We made about $360, posted all the items off. I keep looking around the house for more things to sell. Keep making little piles, like a rat, around my huge house. Of things we either do not need or use

There's always more things! I've been carrying around boxes with me since before Dave and I first MET. Sometimes I peek in, dig around, go through half ... then pack it back up again and shove it away. Letters, books, detritus of the seventeen former lives I used to lead.

Sold a lot of baby things from Rocco that I couldn't believe were tucked away in the back of his cupboard. They brought back memories of when he was born, and I have to say, it felt SO GOOD to let them go. Sold some more clothes that I hadn't worn in two years, sold some of Dave's epic t-shirt collection.

Mum had a huge purge too, recently. Cut down on all the "stuff" she just didn't need, before she moved over to her new pad. She gave things away, sent stuff to the tip, to Vinnies. And felt clearer, more able to move on. I'm so proud of her. It's been hard. Wicked.

Love this video by Rob Macdonald

One day I might even tackle those stubborn boxes I've been carrying around for years. The ones that Dave laughs at. "What ya got IN there, hon?"

One day.

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