Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ten Late News. And Catman.

My appearance on Ten News last night:

The host was Lachlan Kennedy - his first night in the chair. I think he was a little scared of me, because of the whole "renegade blogger I can go to town if I want to" thing.

Just before we started I leant over to him and asked him how old he was. Twenty-eight! Told him he was a switched-on dude who'll go far.

He stage whispered. "It's all a front." 
I stage-whispered back. "ME TOO!"

And that's how media works.

(Actually, that's everything works.)

Dave was there watching and told me he always knew he'd see me on a news desk one day. We went out for dinner to Made in Italy across the road from the studio to celebrate.

Bloody beautiful food. The waitress also had a skull tattoo on her forearm.

I took a piece of this home in a container for Max, who was allowed to stay up late and watch mum on the news. We made it back just in time to see it. 

As SOON as the piece went to air I received three emails in a row, all from weirdo political Hatey McHatersons. One was explicitly sexual (of COURSE it was!) but all three were pretty lame. Hate better, haters.

I was particularly annoyed at one suggestion that "Isn't the internet just for cat photos you fukn moron ... go back to your MUMMYBLOG."

Ok that was mean - but you do have a point.

Because look at this cat that looks like Batman.


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