Thursday, 6 December 2012

His Hands, Are Small I Know.

No matter how hard he strains to listen to them, my four-year old guy Rocco just CANNOT understand the lyrics to Gangnam Style. It's the hardest thing in his life right now.

Took him to get a Santa photo. He walked up, stared at Santa's beard for a bit. and then:

"Santa, what are you DOING?" 

Turned on the heel of his Spiderman boot and walked off, refusing any offer of a present and photo.  He just watched Santa from afar, suspiciously. So I got the shot myself.


Official Santa Photo, Westfield Penrith 2012

Rocco mournfully told me last night that ALL the other houses had Christmas except for ours. I could not put it off any longer ... he rubbed my back as I sat enraged, untangling Christmas lights. (Why, WHY do I NEVER put them back properly?)

I keep wondering about the huge slum pile in India I sat on a few weeks ago. Feeling Rocco's chubby little baby hands on my back, hands that would be the *perfect* size to sew tiny beads on saris in an Indian sweatshop for absolutely no money whatsoever. No going outside, no school. Child labour happens in developing countries all the time. Even over Christmas - especially over Christmas.

I feel powerless and sad about it. Last week, a timely package arrived which gave me some hope ....

Beautiful, brightly coloured, exquisite fair trade goodies available on Every Little Girl. Clothes, gifts, trinkets ... Kate Bannon carefully sources exquisite things from developing countries all over the world. Divine eco and ethically made pieces - thank you so much for showing me, Kate.

I'm saving this one to give to my mum. She loves hearts. And she put her Christmas tree up all by herself this year ... nobody to rub her back.

I've seen with my own eyes the pride in people's eyes when they make items and goods that other people want to buy.

Women like this:

Proudly building up their own businesses from a women's self-help group project funded by World Vision Australia. 

I get swallowed up by the world, lost in all of the panic and crap. It feels hard to stay afloat, let alone be all mindful of all the woes of people all over. Before I left for India, I had an email from a gorgeous girl in America named Shelby.

"I think this trip you're taking is awesome .. it shows us that when an opportunity to do good arises, we should take it. Whether it be big or small. From traveling around the globe to donating money or blood or picking up litter or getting something off the tall shelf at the grocery store for a shorter person. All of these things make a difference. All of these things are important. Whether the affects of our kindnesses reach one person or thousands of people they make a difference. I think it's easy to forget that in this modern world, where we all can feel so little."

The spirit behind travelling to India to witness and spotlight extreme poverty, is the same spirit behind getting something off the tall shelf at the grocery store for someone. I often feel little ... as little as this guys chubby hands.

Hands that are free to play and explore, hands that don't even know how lucky they are.

Yet .. it's my job to teach him.

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