Thursday, 27 December 2012

Blew Christmas.

Julian, Dick and Anne, George and Timmy the Dog.

I love these pricks. They are my pricks and I am theirs, all the dysfunction and bullshittery. We've made it through some hard things. I wish life was just smooth sailing here on in. We're exhausted.

Two things redeemed our Christmas.

EXHIBIT A: Mums salted chocolate caramel slice.

It took us a day to eat it. Dave called it "lethal." Mum promised to write up the recipe to share here. I'm sad for America who doesn't seem to have golden syrup? (Maya I will post you some!)

I imagined all the other people around the world with an empty chair at Christmas. There must be a lot - there must. (It felt like our empty chair was the emptiest of all time. Words can't express.)

My brother-in-law Jonnie found this and brought it home, thus ensuring our second redeeming Christmas feature.


Accordion to us, Christmas blew.

Jonnie listed it online to sell so I bought it. We MUST keep that accordion in the family. Have you ever played one? They are so majestic and real. I googled accordion teachers because I'm busting to learn. There is a whole Accordion Teachers Association in Western Sydney.

Accordion culture exists!

Do children still learn the accordion? Any parents buy one for their kid? I think accordions are vital for spiritual evolution. I'm an accordion person now. Accordion accordion. I'm all accordiony.

The fuzzy five survive: Eden, Cameron, Susie, Linda, Leigh

We all love each other, long after the raging fires of the past burnt out. That's a true Christmas miracle right there.

THANK YOU for the comments on the previous post for Neill. He and Rachel read them all. He is doing amazing. Unbelievable. Will be back playing music, just in a different way. There's something in that for all of us.

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