Monday, 10 December 2012

And On The Eighth Day, God Invented Caffeine.

Post sponsored by Woolworths

The sad thing about going to my mothers house is that she has NO coffee machine. There's been many times this year when my sisters and I have slept the night, then woken up to no caffeine in a panic. We take it in turns to drive up the street for some takeaways.

(I've been known to double-fist a couple strong skim lattes. Slug one back straight away, then sit on the second for a while.)

It's been really hard to find a decent coffee in any of the local cafes where mum lives. I've found it kind of desperately outrageous. Some mornings it's made me angry. Once my sisters drove to the cafe at the local hospital, which is known for its good coffee. Desperados, all.

I've been pricing some coffee machines for mum for a while. Just wanted something simple, easy to use, that makes good coffee.

Caffitaly is Woolworths new coffee system.  There's even a matching electric milk frother.

Dave put it together in about fifteen minutes. Our own really ridiculously huge coffee machine is away getting serviced, luckily we had this to test out before we give it to mum. There's a whole host of different coffee capsules to go with it, all with different flavours. You don't have to worry about coffee groups, grinding, all the usual mess.

This is the first one I made. A healthy dollop of cream turns it into a "breve."

$99 from Woolworths and just $79 if you're an Everyday Rewards Member. I have TWO machines to give away to two readers. Just leave a comment telling me how far you go for a coffee. Best two answers each win a Caffitaly Coffee Machine, a milk frother, and capsule hamper.

Competition opens today Monday 10th December 2012 and closes Friday 14th December 2012. Winner announced here next Monday 17th December. (Open to Australian residents only, I'm so sorry!)

Mum, we're bringing your new coffee machine next week. No more panic in the mornings when we all come and stay!

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