Monday, 19 November 2012

The Women And The Colours.

The colours here are amazing. You can be driving past one of the poorest villages and see brightly coloured buildings, splashes of paint so vivid and so beautiful your heart just lifts.

Your heart also lifts when you visit a village of strong, fierce women.


Women who have successfully abolished alcohol and gambling from their village. Women who, with some help, have formed self-help groups and are now learning how to start their own businesses, save money, and be approved for loans from the bank.

I want to be like these women. I can learn things from these women. It was so exciting to listen to them, to feel the fire in their belly.


Not long ago I went to a spiritual healer who told me to stop wearing black. And that I need to forgive my fathers. I kept wearing black and scoffed at ever forgiving my fathers.

I'm going to stop wearing black and I'm going to let colour into my heart like it's never been before.

Because it hasn't. I'm going to forgive my fathers and stop being so angry and use the remaining time in my life to be more open, to consider myself worthy of good things .. to believe I can make a difference and change and grow and learn.

To know when to let go and know when to hold on.

I have a feeling that World Vision is doing much more for me than I could ever do for them. (Thanks to Misho for the photos.)

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