Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Social Media Has Consumed Our Lives.

I'm worried about the impact the online world will have on future generations who will base their self-worth around how many 'likes' they get on their various media channels.

Social media can be a useful sharing and imparting of information, especially with things like Hurricane Sandy, Presidential elections, finding missing children. Social media is also a tool for exclusion, a weapon for bullying ... and a ridiculous medium for people to just plain show off.

Government legislation will never catch up. Hopefully, education can. And careful supervision. What does a ten-year old kid need a twitter account for? So he can say things like, "Rode my bike up the shops, bought an ice block. Yummy!"

The online world has exploded in this past year. I find it terrifying - I know I'm an alarmist, but it's really starting to freak me out. Millions of people around the world now sleep with their phones under their pillows. For what? What's so bloody important?

I'm keeping my children off it all for as long as possible. But I know it's coming. One day, I will walk in and see them posing for selfies in the kitchen to upload to their Facebook accounts filled with random people I do not know talking about inane crap using language I will not understand.

Until then, I'll keep monitoring my own phone and computer use in front of them. Play a trillion games of Uno, watch them play at the beach, tell them to go outside and find something to do because only boring people get bored, son. And don't look at me like that or you can't play Minecraft.

Let them fall in love with the actual real world, first.

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