Friday, 9 November 2012

Precious Minutiae.

 Rocco is the biggest ham in all of Hamland. He does Gangnam Style like a PRO, walks around singing, "Heeey, sexay lay-DEH!"

 Took Max to his favourite burger place - the Stuffed Beaver in Bondi.

The boys took it in turns to walk past the ladies toilets and laugh at the picture.

Max has started drumming lessons ... we all took a break from intense Uno-playing to watch and listen to him practice. Dave was so proud.

It's true - I did indeed wear high heels last week. Black patent pumps that I could even walk in, and I finally wore the leather vest Dave bought me from New York.

My spider-sons laughed at me teetering out the door.

The smaller Spiderman watered my friend Mary's beautiful garden.


Yesterday I sat in another garden, of another beautiful friend ... peeling off some more layers of the onion. Just when you think you know yourself!

She made us an omelette to share, using toasted pine nuts and fresh kale straight from her garden. She told me stories and snippets and parables and I soaked her wisdom in, in her backyard, literally and figuratively smelling the roses. I cried and felt calm, told her all my woes and fears. Told her there is no way I could go to India in two days and broke down and she told me to go anyway.

"Go save the world, Eden. We'll be here when you get back."

I feel really humble, grateful, and light.

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