Thursday, 29 November 2012

My Strict Magazine Rules.

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Mum passed her love for magazines onto my sisters and I. We grew up on a
steady diet of Woman's Day, Australian Women's Weekly (when it really did get
published weekly!), Dolly Magazine … and the Holy Grail if you are a teenage
girl: Cosmopolitan.

The day I was old enough to read Cosmo was a very, very happy day indeed.
There were strict rules in place when it comes to reading each others magazines.
You were NOT allowed to read somebody else's brand spanking new mag if they
hadn't read it first. If you did, there was hell to pay. And you
just KNEW when somebody had read your new magazine before you.

I've read magazines through my teens into adulthood with a passion. My
consumption has changed a little since having children and not getting enough
time, but there's still the question between my sisters, mother and I when we stay
at each others houses:

"Got any mags?"

One of the few indulgences left in life is to take a cup of tea and some chocolate
to bed .... alongside a brand spanking new magazine.

Dave always steals my magazines, so we've had to adopt some pretty hefty

1) No coveting of other peoples magazines before they have read it.

2) If you are reading a magazine that the other person hasn't read yet, you are
not to sit there gasping and spilling the beans on things the other person HASN'T
READ YET. (This especially applies to surprise celebrity pregnancies and break-

3) If a magazine gets generously shown to you by the owner, you are NOT to then take advantage and start flicking through the pages. The owner will sit, quietly fuming, holding nothing but a resentment.

Dave and I are now at an understanding around acceptable magazine-reading
behaviour. At bedtime I still hide my new ones underneath my pillow or in the
cupboard. He always manages to sniff them out.

"Where's your new magazines hon?"

Sometimes I buy two and I pull them out, so we can both sit there reading. We
never seem to finish at the same time, so swapping can cause anxiety. Which
brings me to my last bonus rule: No magazine reading over another's shoulder.

The answer to all of these problems is to just buy a whole heap of different titles,
which I sometimes do. It's so decadent. One of Dave's favourites is Men's Style Magazine. 

When I buy him a subscription for Christmas, there is no doubt that he'll mock me, hold it close to his chest and tell me I am NOT allowed to read his magazine before him.

I'll just pull out a few new ones from underneath the bed and say, that's cool hon.

Here's some I prepared earlier!

Do you have strict magazine rules?

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