Monday, 12 November 2012

Hey, Delhi.

Yesterday morning I sat with Max on the sand, watching Dave and Rocco at the shoreline.

We talked about what a cool movie Terminator 2 is.

The guys drove me to Sydney Airport and quickly kissed me goodbye because we were in a no-standing zone.

I've left them with a freezer full of meals, and all of my love. As soon as I walked into the airport I missed them. Already counting down the days until I see them again.

I flew to Delhi. Sat on the plane talking with Smags ... we both don't like people looking at us in public but we both love staring at people in public. Met Joy and Misho in Singapore then got another plane to India.

Feels like I'm not strong. I have run out of tough and all that's left is me, snapping photos of the sun masquerading as the moon.

We're here to cover World Vision's women's and children's development programs in the state of Chhatisgarh. Over ten days we'll be visiting a number of area development programs in rural and urban areas. A few nights in Delhi and we'll move on to Raipur.

The other lovely and generous people on this trip:

Be A Fun Mum
Joy Toose
Misho Baranovic
Sam from World Vision India

The hashtag on twitter and Instagram is #WVAindia

A woman called Colleen emailed me last week, asking me if I'd like her to plant some trees to offset my carbon footprint of the trip to India. Yes! She did, and wrote about it over on her site, Fifteen Trees. It's so affirming and cool, that people really care about things.

It's busy in Delhi. All new smells, sounds, people. But part of me is still back on the beach.

I just ate some scrambled eggs, two boxes of tic tacs, a caramel chocolate bar, one red bull, some biscuits and I am STILL hungry.

Trying to work out what is and isn't safe to eat. We're about to head out into town so I can hopefully get a SIM card. And some fresh bravado ... I'm all out.

Would you do a trip like this? And should I just eat EVERYTHING?

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