Friday, 30 November 2012

Brotherly Love: A Play In Six Acts.

These guys fight like crazy. You'd think six years difference would mean no fighting.

Wrong. They can fight so often and so relentlessly that the voice out of my head sounds like a strangled cat on a hot day.

I hiss at them to stop fighting. Right now! YOU get to your room and YOU get to yours bloody HELL YOU GUYS!!

It's infuriating. Fighting is the one thing that really grates on me. I ask other mothers of boys if their guys fight and the answer is always yes.

They miss each other, make up, and it starts all over again.

They laugh and fart, laugh about farts. (All bets are off if someone ever mentions a penis.) 

They adore the hell out of each other.

I adore the hell out of them too. So much I can hardly stand it.

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