Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What I Have To Offer.

This morning I got up and constructed my reality on the way to the coffee machine. Read my morning reading, then forgot it. My clothes are on the floor. I felt as strange and disconnected as ever.

"Another day? Didn't we just HAVE one of those things? How long is this going to continue?"

On the way home from the school run I sang every single word of Cleaning Out My Closet. I cleaned my whole kitchen, wiping up crumbs and down bins. Put a load of washing on, hung out two, swept the floor. Lit six candles all in a row, to bring some Spirit to the table. The empty washing-up rack smiled at me. It's nice to appropriate life into your inanimate objects.

What things can I use ... to get through the day? Because we all use something. We all feel as empty and useless as each other, and fill up that insatiable hole with a whole host of things designed to distract us from ourselves.

Eden, you're going to have to watch the Charlie Kaufman video that BabyMac and her husband sent to you. Again.

So I did.

No words, for what this video means to me. You should watch it.

My clothes are still on the floor, but that's ok.

There's always tomorrow. (Except when there's not.)

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