Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Using Your Blog For BAD.

Yesterday I had an interview with Mediawatch about the state of blogging in Australia as compared to the state of mainstream media. I fear being stitched up, as the Mediawatch motto is "Everyone loves it ... until they're on it."

If I end up being quoted on the show next week, I'll have to stand by my words because I said them. I may not be the most sharp or cultured tool in the shed, but I have a keen interest in world issues and a firm belief in trying to make a difference.

One of the biggest and best ways we can use social media and blogging is to shine some light on things that would ordinarily go unnoticed by "mainstream" media. Lori from RRSAHM is going to Borneo to meet endangered Orangutans. When Mrs Woog decided to raise $250 for Loud Shirt Day because her second son Jack was born profoundly deaf ... at last count her readers have donated over three thousand dollars.

New-York based blogger and advertising executive Liz Gumbinner just got off the plane from Ethiopia, a blogging trip she made with twelve other ONEMoms. All real women. All using their blogs and making a difference. All Things Fadra recently set up Charitable Influence  .. "Connecting bloggers and their unique voices to charities and non-profits." Genius!

THIS is what sets me on fire about blogging. Doing something that means something. If I get all self-obsessed and sad and gloomy, the very best thing I can do is take the focus off myself and see what I can do for somebody else. It's one of the biggest meanings to life.

I wake up in the morning in my big house with all of my beautiful guys and we're all safe and warm and fed. I'm privileged and able-bodied. If I don't help others, I'm an arse. If I don't teach my kids to help others, I'm an arse. It's my moral duty. I spent my entire twenties not giving a crap about anything and anyone, so now it's payback time.

All of the small things are just as vital as the big things ... helping your neighbour out. Asking somebody if they are ok. Donating stuff to Vinnies. Signing up for something in your local community. Doesn't have to be huge or overwhelming.

Cate Bolt is off to Indonesia again this week. Last time she was there I donated $100 to her orphanage and THIS is what happened.

I wept and I wept, at being able to make a difference to somebody. Without even getting off the couch, because I am the laziest arsehole in town. Give me bonbons while YOU go change the world. I'll hit my Paypal button then go get a pedicure.

This week is Blog Action Day, otherwise known as BAD. The theme is "The Power Of We."

I'm watching the rise of blogging and social media explode in Australia's consciousness, and I really hope we can harness some it for doing good.

If we don't stand for something, we stand for nothing.

"Mum ... don't you mean The Power Of Wee?"

I'm a Spider-man carrying, pigeon-toed World Vision Blog Ambassador. I'm a recovering alcoholic looney tune with an inferiority complex. I'm an able-bodied, privileged, white woman who can do more things than she will ever realise. I turned forty this year and just want to get stuff DONE. Give me the next decade, Universe. Just ten years. (Then when I turn fifty I'll need a hip replacement and probably move in with my mother. She can teach me how to sew buttons on. We can dye our hair purple, donate to worthy causes from the couch.)

Look at all of these bloggers, using their blogs for BAD. 

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