Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Speech Heard Around The World.

This was quite something.

Overseas coverage of the Prime Minister's speech yesterday was vastly different to local coverage, as noted by Mr Denmore in The Failed Estate:

"One principle in journalism is that the closer you are to a story, the less likely you are to see it. In this case, a passionate and thrilling speech by a prime minister about sexism and the low-level tactics of a political opposition leader beyond cynicism attracted world attention. But our gallery are too clever to see that."

New Yorker (USA) "Ladylike."
Salon (USA) "Australian PM Takes On Misogyny."
The Spectator (UK) "More Than Just A Man's Bitch."
The Telegraph (UK) "Julia Gillard's blistering attack on sexism was her best card."
Buzzfeed (USA) "Australian Prime Minister Destroys Opposition Leader For Hypocrisy."
Jezebel (USA) "Best Thing You'll See All Day."
Huffington Post (USA) "Australian PM Launches Blistering Attack."
... and many more.

Transcript of the Prime Ministers' speech in full -  Sydney Morning Herald

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