Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Spring Break!

I've had one of the hardest weeks in a while. You wouldn't know it from the photos.

We went to the beach and had fun. I watched Dave keeping watch.

I love him. Simple. He makes me lift my game. He's unshockable ... which is good, because so am I.

Went to mums house on Grand Final Day and helped her pack. Usually she has seventeen thousand magnets on her fridge ... she'd packed them all and left just one.

We laughed. It was a sad laugh, but it was still a laugh. Me and Leigh had a playful tussle over mums Lladro ... I clip-clopped the lady across the room on her horsie. And then watched mum pack her up tightly in bubble wrap and paper.

Mum has had the Lladro horse lady for over thirty years. She's come too far to let her go, now. So Lladro horse lady will move to mum's new place without Jim and life will continue. It's just the way it goes.

Later I got back to my guys and ate a whole tub of cream cheese for dessert. Like, a reward.

We came home yesterday. Can you believe Rocco's bedroom is exactly how he left it last week?

We're about to go in there together right now and clean it up. Like, a punishment.

I took this photo from the back deck yesterday, to acknowledge being home.

Thing is, I never feel "home." I wonder if anybody really does?

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