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Dave would say he is a "collector." I would say he is a "hoarder." We have so much stuff laying around our house and garage ... it just sits there, waiting. Sometimes I get a bit fed up and a few of Daves things go missing. I tell him, I just don't know where it went, hon!

I've fantasised about all of our belongings perishing in a fire. We just do not need a lot of our stuff.

Remember that saying, "Imagine having to carry everything you own?" Objects weigh us down, can sometimes stop us from moving forward. It's why it feels so good when you purge, you're allowing room for new things to enter. A couple I know have a wonderful rule - when one of them brings home something for the house, something else must be relinquished. It helps keep the balance of the things they own. 

We've already de-cluttered so much this year, especially after Dave came back from Mexico and had a huge epiphany about how he wanted to live. But we will always have room to cull.

I was asked by Gumtree if I'd be interested in working with them to showcase a few things I could sell on their site and write about how easy it is. I said yes straight away, started writing Lists of All The Things.

Some really lovely people from Gumtree come up to my house to help me value my stuff, and give me an overview of how it all works. We sat in the sun and drank tea. There’s everything on Gumtree - books, trinkets, paintings, toys, clothes, cowboy boots, garden furniture. When the time came for me to actually upload things, I expected it to be really hard and take a long time. It took me a bit over five minutes to get my first listing on there, complete with my details, photos, and item description. All for free.

I’ve now also downloaded the free Gumtree app, which means I can just walk around my house, take a photo of something I might like to sell and BAM. Upload it it straight away while I’m waiting for the jug to boil. It's so simple - Gumtree is Australia's largest free classified website.

You can sell anything - for example, a full-size billiard table that's been languishing in your messy garage for four years!

Gumtree listing here.

When Dave was going through chemo, one of his uncles gave him this billiard table, straight from Chatswood RSL. She is beautiful, came complete with the lights and cue set. But we just never play her. 

We also had a retro Singer Sewing Machine just lying around ... with original thread and patterns.

Listing here.

You can turn it upside down so it just becomes a table. It's very pretty, but I just feel like she needs to go to a new home.

Next up: some beautiful dresses that I bought with good intentions but have never worn. I tried to wear them, I really did. But jeans and cowboy boots just feel so much better.

Some are from a New York second-hand boutique, some brand new still with tags. 

(*Edited: It's sold, sorry! Am about to go through some more, though. I have a lot of dresses.)

I went through my bookshelf, and have a selection of books up for sale by authors like Sarah Silverman, James Frey, Haruki Murakami .. even a biography of Lady GaGa. 

Listing here.

This antique thermos that I bought Dave about seven years ago as a homage to Fred Flintstone. 

Listing here.

It's cool, but has just sat at the top of our pantry gathering dust. 

I've clearly labelled all of my listings. There's no joining fees or hoops to jump through, as Gumtree is a classifieds.

It was hard to price this next thing:

Listing here.

Why? Oh, only because I was the editor of this esteemed publication for a few years, back when Max was little. Stop laughing.

(There are some KILLER patterns to make dresses for your porcelain dolls.)

There's one thing that Dave would not let me list, even after frequent badgering:


Yes, that IS a handmade gong made from Indonesia that he got especially shipped over straight to our house one day unbeknownst to me. 

I have tried putting that gong in every room. It just doesn't fit anywhere, doesn't match. Possibly because we don't have a Balinese house? One day I even had it out on the front porch and a courier guy asked me how much.

(Technically the gong is not for sale.)

There's a few other things up for sale. I'll be following this post up with how everything went.

I keep looking around the house, wondering what to sell next. If my family ends up eating dinner on upturned crates and wearing potato sacks, we can always go to Gumtree to buy more stuff.
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Ever want to sell all of your stuff and start again? Anyone want to buy a gong?

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