Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Few Of My Favourite Wordsmiths.

The thing I love about great writers is, they're everywhere!

Karen Charlton is one of the best Australian writers. That will probably make her squirm a bit when she reads it but it doesn't make it any less true. She blogs at Rhythm and Method ... her words often get stuck inside my head for days. In a really lovely, refreshing way.

"Mum just wanted me to finish and put it away, put the scissors back where I found them, and it always felt too early, I wasn’t finished, nothing I rendered was ever as I imagined in my head. Mum never saw what I was trying to do, only the mess it made. I wanted to contain the world, rather than have it contain me. Now I own more pairs of scissors than shoes."

Next up is Bigwords herself, Bianca Wordley. I've never been to Adelaide but I want to, just to visit her in her beautiful house with her beautiful children. Bianca likes gin and is writing her first novel.

Karen Andrews from Miscellaneous Mum has a new book coming out in November called "Crying in the Car - Reflections on Life and Motherhood." I cry in the car a lot. I'll be buying her book.

Anything that Helen Razer writes. Ever.

Allison Tait is an established, clever and savvy writerly person. Her blog is Life in a Pink Fibro .... she recently moved house and no longer lives in an actual pink fibro, but to me she always will. Her latest book is Career Mums, written to help you get back into work after having children.

"It will give you the tips and tricks you need to organise parental and household duties so that resentment doesn't become an extra member of your family. Career. Home. Life ... there has never been a better time to have it all."

Valerie Khoo is the founder of the Sydney Writers Centre. A writer and successful businesswoman, Valerie is a passionate enabler of other peoples dreams - a special and rare breed, in the world.

Bernadette Jiwa has the best website name ... "The Story of Telling."  Her words are a gold vein of truth.

It's inspiring and cool to see more women writing online down here in Australia. The birth of sites like The Hoopla, Women's Agenda, and Daily Life has really seen a boom in different and emerging voices being heard. Interesting and thought-provoking stories and information will always beat shameless link-baiting sensationalism. I hope.

I saved the best for last ..... Anna Spargo-Ryan either works really hard at appearing real and authentic, or she just is. I know she makes me feel ok about being me in all my me-ness, and I like that.

She whipped together Bide Magazine.

It's really, really bloody good. The first issue is out now and includes brilliant pieces from Kerri Sackville, Ben Pobjie,  Jo Thornley ... and a slew of other talented, creative individuals. I started reading it last night in bed, which meant I was *literally* biding my time.

"Bide is a magazine for people who are happiest when they are absorbed in the written word. it’s a quarterly publication full of things to read. it’s about society, culture, politics, business, food, travel, reading and remembering. people with something to say bleed all over the page, then you take Bide to your favourite chair or your bath or your bed or your train and gulp it down."

Who are your favourites?


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