Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Things From My Google Machine.

It's a big information superhighway out there. It's such a pleasure to find meaningful, well-crafted things on the internet.

Just yesterday I sat having my usual panic in Penrith Plaza Foodcourt ... always have to choose a seat based on making an easy getaway when a crazed gunman goes loose during lunchhour. Pretty sure I was the only person silently summoning all of their Angels to get through just ten more minutes of life.

I scrolled through my phone and somehow, miraculously found Rufus Tower.

Watching Rufus Tower made my heart ok again. The world needs more of this indefinable stuff.

Another thing that gave me some respite ..... Fuck Your Shit, I'm In A Bear Suit. Words can't express. I now think the words "Fuck your shit, I'm in a bear suit" to various people throughout my day.

How To Make Ice Cubes. Make sure to read the comments.

On a serious note, this incredibly inspiring and honest post by Naomi from Seven Cherubs has stayed with me all week. Speaking The Unspeakable is the essence of what blogging can achieve - sharing our stories, reminding us we are not alone. Owning who we are. Naomi is a beautiful Aussie blogger and wrote this in honour of the recent White Balloon Day. (Every day should be White Balloon Day.)

For budding artists and writers, Storybird is artful story-telling and next-generation publishing. You, your kids, maybe even Rufus the cat ... can make, share, and print your own stories. SO COOL.

Do you suffer from Painful Internet?  Helen Jane has some answers for you, in Solutions For A Painful Internet. 

"Our internet is barely ten years old. Its current mobile-visual-branded version – less than five years old. Would you be as judgemental and mean to a five year old in a tiny lab coat .. as you are to some other bloggers? I didn't think so. Sharing news through a personal lens, this experiment is barely five years old yet we consistently judge people as if they should know better."

Lastly, do this. I dare you.


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Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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