Saturday, 8 September 2012

I Had A Little Beetle.

I was stuck in traffic for hours recently and Rocco was being SO patient in the backseat. He was singing random songs, asked me what songs did I like when I was four.

When I was four? Well, on my fourth birthday my mother grabbed me and said, Hurry! Quick! My two older sisters rushed into the packed car and we drove to my grandparents house in Creek Street, Cooma. It was 1976 ... women didn't usually leave their violent husbands. We lived with my grandparents for a while, until mum got on her feet enough to get a job and get a place of her own.

My Aunty Mooch was still living at home. I remember bringing a finger painting home just for her, one day. She used to sing "Alexander the Beetle" to me, over and over until I knew all the inflections, all the words.

I sang it to my four-year-old Rocco and ten-year old Max last week in the traffic, and choked up so hard by the end. Just at life ... the suffering in it. Also the overcoming of the suffering.

There was an extraordinary response to my last post. It was shared a lot, and even got featured on Mamamia. A whole host of people came over to my blog for the first time. I wondered who they thought I was? Snap judgements were expected because I did take the piss out of plastic surgery. Specifically, it being a viable and normal thing for young women to do these days. WHICH IS WRONG.

I was being purposely ludicrous to highlight ludicrous things.

Anyway, hello, nice to meet you! If you define me can you please let me know because at the moment I'm floundering hard and have no idea who I am. I like cheese.


We are going to a big party tonight. My favourite brother-in-law Jonnie turns 40. It's going to be bloody unreal because we will force it to be bloody unreal. Mum will be there with all four of her children, dancing. While grieving. Grief-dancing. Girls, I bought some candy grills from America for us. You just need to crank up NO LOVE and we'll be sweet.

Just found out that Alexander Beetle was actually a poem that A.A.Milne wrote, called Forgiven. After only existed in my memory all these years .. I can google the lyrics and see it on YouTube and it's getting explained in forums. This information age is strange.

I played this, and Rocco came running in. "YOUR BEETLE SONG MUM!"

We just played it three times in a row. Now we better get out of bed because we have a party to get to. Grills to wear, tears to shed, more vlogs to think up.

A whole new day, again. They just keep coming! I hope you are ok - all of you, in this hard and beautiful world.

Hans chose Posie Patchwork as the winner of the Bunks and Beds giveaway. Posie lives in Canberra, is married to a soldier, and has four boys. Congratulations Posie! Bunks and Beds has reduced all of their prices, from $799 to $499. A further 10% off that using the Edenland voucher FF47TIV2Y23 is a huge bargain. They're incredibly strong and good-looking beds. (Hans please ignore the vlog in my last post. I am completely normal.)


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