Monday, 24 September 2012

A Family Portrait.

Ever since Rocco was born, I've wanted to get a family photo taken at the Three Sisters in Katoomba. I don't know why it's taken four years to do it, it just has.

I don't know why our weekend was so good - it just was. (Maybe I should stop questioning everything and just keep moving on.)

Dave cooked bacon and eggs, then did the washing up when we ran out of dishwasher tablets. My  friend came to the door when Dave was vacuuming and I said Look! It's like he's making a porno! 

We did a lot of bush clearing from a block of land over in Katoomba. Took the boys to the tip to unload.

I turned around to look up, and there they were. My two guys sitting atop the biggest freakiest pile of rubble EVER.


They scrambled down. It was so dangerous that I had to let go of any possible bad thing that could happen and just watch them, powerless.

Rocco yelled at me. "Mum, I shouldn't be up here. I'm just a little kid."

We drove to Echo Point, one of the most famous and beautiful lookouts in the world. Decided to go into the nearby cafe .... I came back out after ordering and told Dave that three burgers and one nachos just cost us $90. He started laughing because he thought I was joking - not joking. What? WHAT! He was more outraged by that than by his sons falling to their imminent deaths atop a huge rubbish pile.

We sat there waiting for our burgers knowing that our burgers were not going to taste like $90 burgers. The whole cafe catered towards tourists, people visiting from out of town who wanted a quick bite next to a national landmark.

        They were ok. But they were NOT worth ninety fricken dollars. 

Rocco kept asking where the Three Sisters were. "Is Aunty Linda and Aunty Leigh going to be there, mum?" I told him the basic version of the folklore ... that three sisters were playing in the valley one day and a bunyip started chasing them. Their father used a magic bone to turn his daughters into stone so the bunyip ran off. But the father lost the magic bone and couldn't turn them back.

My throat felt funny when I said to Rocco, "So, the dad needs to turn the three sisters back to life again because they've been three rocks, all this time."

As we stood there, plotting the best vantage point for our photo amid all of the tourists ... some people started holding up letters to form a sign.

"Stand up for the burp? Maybe some kind of indigestion awareness campaign?"

No - it was Stand Up For The Burrup.

Yesterday was global Stand Up For The Burrup Day. Ignorant me had never heard of the Burrup before.

"Western Australia´s Burrup Peninsula is the world's largest outdoor rock engraving site, containing rock art of world importance possibly dating back to 30,000 years ago, including possibly the first ever representation of the human face in history. The Western Australian Government is still planning to turn part of this site into a natural gas production and processing facility against the wishes of some of the site`s Aboriginal custodians and the scientific community."

I hate that things like this happen. Hate how people just rape and pillage the world without a care. I love that people like these people yesterday can be bothered to make signs and get their photos taken at a national landmark to raise awareness.

A signholder asked all of us taking photos to please put them on our social networking sites, I told her I would.
Stand Up for The Burrup on Facebook

Then I asked her to take a photo for me and she did.

I had to bribe Rocco with an ice cream to take that photo. Max wasn't smiling and Dave doesn't like his glasses. My stepchildren are sorely missing from the pic and you can see my bra through my top and there has been so many, SO MANY forces conspiring against the taking of that photo. But we did it. We were just like any other family at Echo Point yesterday, posing for a pic for their family album.

Exactly one minute later, Rocco had to do public wee #42,675. His big bro shielded him from the hundreds of tourists walking past while Dave and I just stood there awkwardly.

Then they had a punch up. I yelled at Max. Then we bought ice cream. (Only five dollars per scoop!)

Sat on the grass together, silently licking until Rocco said he wants to come to the Three Sisters every day. We all agreed that the sun felt warm on our backs.


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