Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Snippets From The City.

I didn't want to get up this morning, just felt like staying in bed all day. Dave brought me coffee so I got up. He hailed a cab.

And we took a ride to Brooklyn.

SO LOVELY AND QUIET compared to NYC. I didn't realise how nice it would be, all the trees and dogs and ... children!

We walked past Harry Chapin Playground ... my mum loves Harry Chapin. For the 7,453rd time I wondered how she was and what she was doing and how hard it must be. I know how bad I feel .... imagine how she must feel. And my sisters.

We felt like pizza for lunch so after a huge walk, ordered some from a cafe.

My tipping is all wrong .. I never remember if it's 10% or 20%. If the service is crap, I don't go out of my way to tip that much at all. Yesterday I took Dave to Balthazar for lunch and we tipped big because the service was so amazing. The food was spectacular, so we're going back for dinner before we leave.

We went into a toy shop on the way home to find a hulk for Rocco. Apparently he now goes into his bedroom and talks into his shoe. To me. "Oh hi mum ... did you get me a hulkie toy? COOL."

I miss my boys desperately. HUGE. In a really impacting way.

 Dave got himself some ink.

He booked a tattoo appointment for me. I CAN'T WAIT.

Today I found myself googling "things you must do in NYC" because I always leave things til the last minute. We can do anything at all, but of course all I think about is my guys. I need to help Max with his maths and talk to him at night and give him a spiky nice back. Make sure Rocco is brushing his teeth and read him books and help him start writing his name.

I'm going to be the BEST mother when I get home.


I'm in NYC for BlogHer this week courtesy of Maybelline NY. Dave keeps telling me I should "Always, always wear red lipstick now hon." I just might.

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  1. Your holidays with your man sound fantastic. So loving that you did this for each other. You already are the best mother Eden! But I'm sure you're missing your boys.


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