Friday, 3 August 2012

Love At Second Bite

I keep crashing in to America like a complete bumbling fool and I'm not even joking. Tripping on the sidewalk, getting into the wrong elevators, not using correct procedures when ordering. Twice I have gone into those revolving doors in front of the hotel the wrong way. You're supposed to go clockwise but I went anti-clockwise and people stood there, laughing.

I'm not ok. Simple as that .. somehow admitting it to myself makes me feel ok. Until then, I'll keep bumbling for a little bit longer. I keep internally crumbling while maintaining conversations with people and nobody knows it but me. So hard to be so far away from everything that happened. Extraordinarily hard. I can't wait to see my boys back home, and need to laugh with my sisters and mum again, soon.

Mum, would you like me to pick up anything from here for you? I know how much you love it.

Dave is staying at a different hotel for a few nights while BlogHer is on ... but we keep seeing each other every day. He says he is so in love with me right now and I believe him. I keep stealing his strength. He doesn't mind.

We were here in NYC together two years ago ... "Can't believe we get a second bite hon!" I love watching him watch the city. Yesterday he got a haircut. Last night we took BabyMac and Mrs Woog out for a burger at Le Parker Meridien's Burger Joint. It was so nice to be with friends, those two have had amazing adventures in New York. They declared it to be the best burger they've ever eaten. Beth posted about it with her amazing photos.


We dance.


My official partner for BlogHer 2012 Maybelline NY  

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