Thursday, 30 August 2012

Baby Monkey. (Backwards On A Pig, Baby Monkey.)

Things have been hard. I've had to hold on, let go, ride through storms, be a mother, grieve, watch my mother grieve, and not use any drugs through ANY of it.

No drugs! Not even legitimate ones!

One night last week, I lay on the floor with my head on the floor and Rocco was all,

"Mum, why is your head on the floor?"

He plopped down next to me asking for a new game on the iPad. I listlessly scrolled through ... and don't exactly know how I found it but I just found it. Like, the Universe was guiding me towards one very specific App:


Baby Monkey is kind of the Holy Grail of apps, because anybody can play it. You're just a monkey, riding on a pig, getting through obstacles. Pretty sure it's directly representational of life itself.

Rocco and I laughed so hard. We took it in turns. Over and over again, until I realised even more why I loved it - the theme song. With a CRACKING riff. The kind that needs air drums when you're stopped at the traffic lights, taking the kids to school.

"The world has gone insane.
And you don't know what is right.
You've got to keep on keepin' on.
Get on that pig and hold on tiiii-iiiiIGHT."

I bought the song on iTunes. It's now the ring tone on my phone. It's my new anthem and I will use it like I use everything else in this world that makes me feel good ... until every last ounce of fun and joy is squeezed out.

Today I found the song on YouTube, accompanied by actual footage of a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig.

You know what this means?

God is real, athiests.

It's hard to find good apps to suit the whole dysfunctional family - any suggestions?


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