Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This Little Piggy

The other day I went for a bike ride with the boys. Wearing helmets ... so dorky.

We rode past this:

I told Max we needed some pink chalk .. he found pink and blue. We had a mission.

A stealth guerrilla art mission. Bit of culture-jammin' with my kid.

"Mum, my pigs eyes are hypnotised. Can you tell?"

My pink piggy.

Max and I drew about seven pink and blue pigs on the path, each with metal drain snouts. We rode off around the corner, to be met with the saddest woman in all the land.

Like, she was SAD. Shopping bags bearing down, mussed up hair, bereft eyes.

"Jeez mum - I hope that lady notices our pigs. She needs cheering up."

I hope she noticed them too. I wanted to tell her to stop being so sad .... because I was just as sad, probably even sadder. But I didn't.

Even though people annoy the utter crap out of me most days, we're all just trying to live in the world as much as we're able.

Max talked about our pigs all the way home. He said it was a really cool thing to do.


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