Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Their Feather.

 A few months ago I wrote a post about how every time I see a feather, I take a photo because it means that my guardian angel was JUST there.

It's a Sign.

People often take photos of the feathers they see, and send them to me. And I'm all, that's *your* guardian angels feather!

A few days before I left to go to Africa for World Vision, I took this photo at the front of my sons school.

It's the whitest, biggest, healthiest feather you ever saw. It means the angels protecting my sons school are tall and strong. Probably fierce.

The first day in Niger was one of the worst. That dusty refugee camp haunts me. I'm glad it haunts me. Being haunted is a great motivator. 

I walked around in a horrible daze, that these people lived in such filthy conditions. Late at night I think about the sights and sounds of that camp. How it would still be there. How there would be quadruple the amount of people there now because the food crisis is getting so bad. 

As I walked through to leave, I looked down and saw the scrappiest, most dirty feather you could see.

(I'm on an incline - was not standing on a dear little foot!)

The children looked at me like I was a god. So uncomfortable, because if I was their god I could have saved them in an instant. 

They all wanted their feet to be in the feather photo too. Without question or confusion. Everything I did they wanted to do.

Their feather is smaller, softer, dirtier than their western counterparts. Probably because their angels are so busy.


I see a lot of people apologising for complaining about "first world problems." I actually think that it's ok to complain and talk about how hard life is. Living in the first world is hard! It's complicated and busy and we all forget who we are. But I tell you what - standing in a refugee camp in the middle of a dustbowl in downtown Niger? Made me remember who I am.

And what I can do. What we can do.

West Africa Food Crisis - Donate now


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