Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My Two Favourite Thugs.

After the slowest start in all of lazytown today, my two guys and I finally headed off to a park at 1pm.

Tomfoolery ensued. Shaggy hair was photographed. I bribed them both with offers of toys if they got haircuts.

Somebody was not impressed, but the lure of a new Hulkie was too strong to resist.

We ended up in a shop consisting entirely of hoodies. I bought us one each for ten bucks and Rocco called us the hoodie family and we ran to the car pushing the trolley after hiring out even more DVD's.

I had plans to take them to the beach and eat fruit salad in the sunset but I just couldn't so we came home and I made green chicken curry for me and macaroni and cheese in the blue box for them.

A new day tomorrow. Dave will be back tonight so will kick our arses outside earlier. He's a go-getter and I'm a stop-hither.

My boys redeem me every day. Every day.

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