Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Crying At The Glass Onion Society Cafe.

Every day on my trek from the beach house to hospital these last three weeks, I drove past this cool cafe and thought, "I love the look of that cafe. That cafe is my favourite cafe in the world."

How can something be my favourite and I've never even seen it properly? Dunno. It just was. I always wanted to stop but didn't. I spoke to my sisters and mum about this new cool cafe, how I'm going to stop one day because it's my favourite.

One day I stopped ... after a morning meltdown with my kids and husband, before I went in for another round at the hospital. I parked my car, wiped my tears, walked in the cafe, ordered a coffee, wiped my tears.

Crying is the new normal. This cafe made me cry a bit more, because of its creativity. I sat there in awe, thinking man I am so blogging this. Why? Because creativity like this needs to be celebrated and rewarded. Because these two really cool people started it up seven months ago. Sitting in creative places makes me want to be creative. Creativity is inherent in humans, and when you go through life digging deep and bringing that shit out of you ... it makes you feel connected and warm. A river in your heart.

Creativity is crucial to spirit.

My coffee was served in a dear little cup and saucer with THE CUTEST SPOON. I stopped crying enough to take some photos of this oasis of calm, this balm for my soul tornado.

I was a crying, photo-snappin' fool. The Glass Onion is a Beatles song. The Glass Onion Society Cafe overflows with all cool things. Hands down, my most favourite cafe ever.

I stood to leave and noticed an art exhibit on the wall, with skulls being the main theme. All of the pictures by extraordinary artist Dale Hessey were sold. Except one - the one I liked the most. A woman with sad eyes and skull face, called "The End." I stared at her a lot, realising I was looking in a mirror. Too broke to buy it, I walked outside and went in to Websters Vintage across the road.

At Websters I found eight collectable spoons all with fancy and cute little things on the handles. And a fork that says "Wang" which made the Beavis in my head laugh.

(If you ever come to my house I'll make you a coffee and serve it up in a dear little cup and saucer with the cutest spoon. It wasn't my idea, but man it will make you feel special.)

A few days later I met Dave and the boys for lunch.

The marshmallows in those small hands? Were being stolen from his big brothers hot chocolate. Luckily, the big brother was too busy playing Pac Man and Space Invaders on this baby.

I showed Dave The End and he put a deposit down on it for me, instantly guaranteeing himself a blow job.

As I spoke to the owners I told them how much I love their cafe and I was a blogger and would blog about it. I never do that. Felt stupid ... my kids were playing hide-and-go-seek in the changing room and I had no make-up on and before I even left the place the cool chick with the blonde hair and tree tattoo was on her phone googling Edenland.

WANKER. (Me, not her. I wanted to tell her I was cool too but instead said to Dave we had to leave now right now hon NOW.)

Glass Onion Society Cafe is at 308 The Entrance Road Long Jetty. It sells cool clothes, art, jewellery. I hate mindless consumerism but their stuff is a mixture of old and new, and well thought out. They're also on Facebook

So. Here she is ... the one in the middle. With the black eyes. She knows it's the end. She knows things in life happen and there ain't a damn you can do about it and things will be ok and blah blah blah she's really tough because see her skull?

She's tough. Also sad as fuck. Also tough.


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