Friday, 22 June 2012

"This is your time. This is your century ... these are your constituents."

My bloggy friend Cate Bolt is in Indonesia right now, at the orphanage she created called Foundation 18. She wrote about leaving here. Not long after I returned from Africa, Cate uploaded this Henry Rollins video onto her blog and emailed me ... Eden, you will love it.

I love it.

"So why give a major chunk of change ... to people halfway around the world? That is the test of just how awesome you are. To see beyond your next bag of groceries. To look at the world in this tremendous wide-shot." 

Yesterday I donated straight to Foundation 18 and asked if she could buy some huge bags of rice and oil and eggs, from me. She said she will and she will. She means what she says.

I happen to believe that helping other people is the meaning to life. To get the focus off ourselves and on to somebody else is incredibly relieving. I think if you have money to spare, to help people out, then you have a moral responsibility. Cate was on twitter last night, uploading pics of a four-year old street kid, working the streets alone. I don't know what she meant by "working the streets" and I don't want to know. Four. Same age as my kid.

(I was on twitter watching yet another Christmas Island tragedy unfold. Substitute the word "asylum seekers" with "people.")

Donate to Foundation 18 here or buy the eBook "TheThings They Didn't Tell You about Parenting" HERE. For just $4.99, all proceeds go to Foundation 18.

Cate's 17 year old son is with Cate, and he went to his Facebook page last night and wrote about how he finally understands how lucky he is. Cate was in tears that he is so fired up and passionate. That their work is now reaching a new audience, a new circle of people. Priceless.

Go, Lightning Bolt.


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