Thursday, 14 June 2012

Meeting Julia.

Tomorrow morning I'll be having morning tea with the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard. Every time I tell someone the first thing they say is, "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR?" And I laugh because I never think about what to wear ... I only ever think about what cowboy boots to wear.

I keep wondering if I'll actually get to talk to her, how much time I will have, and what I would say.

What would you say? Would you talk about the weather or the view at Kirribilli House ... or the foreign aid budget? Would you talk about asylum seekers? Roadworks, hospital funding, and the importance of carers in Australian society? Childcare rebates? The scones?

I've narrowed mine down to two things:

1) Drug and alcohol education for children and treatment centres for adults.

2) Foreign aid. Specifically, for the West Africa Food Crisis.

People have talked about how you're supposed to get the PM a gift. I couldn't think of anything, so I just got her some seeds.

                           Buy World Vision Gifts  for as little as $5 HERE

I wish I could tell Julia how proud I felt back in April when I stood at wells pumping clean water for the first time, in remote West African villages. Proud because in some places, ENTIRE infrastructure was made possible by Australians who donated. Us Aussies are a caring bunch.

I do not envy Julia her job, at all. You simply can't please all of the people, all of the time.

I know Bern Morley asked on twitter if I could mention this article about her son Sam and how the online world has helped.

I know that Cate Bolt is always getting her political rant on which I LOVE .... she is about to leave for a visit to the Indonesian Orphanage she set up, for her charity Foundation 18.

If Nathalie from Easy Peasy Kids were there tomorrow, she'd probably talk to Julia about what it's like caring for her precious mother who has Alzheimer's.

There's so many more examples I could give right now, but it's getting dark and I haven't cooked anything for dinner and my husband is due home soon.

Because I am a MUMMYBLOGGER, you know.

I belong to a huge community of women (and men) who are all online using various social media platforms, sharing information and telling our stories.

I have a plan ... I am indeed going to talk to Julia for at LEAST seventeen seconds, give her my blog business card like I gave one to Bono, and tell her to read this post.

What would you say to the Prime Minister?

PS My two issues are related because (government subsidised) rehabs led me to a better way to live which led me to blogging from Africa. If a person is given adequate care ... they are capable of realising their potential. THANKS JULES.

PPS Am I even allowed to publish this post?

PPPS Imagine if we stopped asking ourselves if we were allowed to do things and just did them anyway.


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