Thursday, 3 May 2012

When did we forget our dreams?

A few days ago I was perusing twitter and came across this tweet from Schmutzie:

And I thought, well, whatever changed Schmutzie's life will most likely appeal to me too. Because I feel a sense of kinship with her. This is what happens, online. We sometimes find other people so of our own ilk, it's breathtaking. I like Schmutzie. She is Canadian, creative, real and human. She has a strong inner narrative .. we've met in the flesh twice. She is exactly who she purports herself to be.

So I clicked on her twitter link - (TWINK!):

I adore it. I knew I would.

Schmutzie, aka Elan Morgan, doesn't even know how this cool cartoon impacted me because I haven't told her. Funny how people can influence and help others out .. and not even know it.

Thanks, Elan.


Your answers to the "What is a Blog?" were OUTSTANDING.  My mum painstakingly decided on all the winners of the giveaway. They were announced over here.

Some pearlers:

Five Frogs Blog "A blog is a voice. It's the expression of a soul, searching to be seen, to be heard. Sometimes it's a voice crying out in the wilderness, alone, invisible. Sometimes it's one of many voices in a chorus, ringing out with confidence. Either way it's someone reaching out to make a connection. That's why a blog should be honest, because a blog is you, your voice, your soul. That's how we make connections, and without them, what are we?"

Hespera's Garden "A blog is that vice-clenching pain in your heart that explodes through your fingers while the words in your head run at a million miles an hour. It is the shadows and the sunlight in your every day life. A blog is life. Transcribed."

 Laura L "A blog is a powerful instrument for social change. “The world will be saved by the Western Woman" - his holiness the Dalai Lama."

Applepip Sugar "A Blog is …. A voice for those who want to share their story
. And for those who want to listen.
 It is a war cry
. It is smoke signals swirling around and above and through us. 
In the Wilderness."

Tegan "A blog is an open window to the soul. Somedays we choose to have the curtains firmly closed and others we fling open the curtains with abandon! A blog helps people to not feel so alone. Some people may see them as nothing more than words on a screen but others will nod in agreement, glad to finally know that they aren't the only person on the planet who feels that way."

Sharron "What is a blog? I think it is like an onion. You peel away the layers, the mundane, the ridiculous, the crazy, the ugly and the beautiful. You peel back all of the superficiality and that is when you get to the raw, honest and often eye watering truth and that is where the true beauty lies. The hard part is to keep on peeling, even when it hurts, even when you don't like the person you see staring back at you from the page. Hating yourself but pressing publish anyway, because you know it is your truth. That is when you connect, that is when people see the real you. " (Sharron you won the flags!)

Katie29m "A bespoke soap box."

Muppethead "A blog is a shout in the dark, letting others know they don't have to be alone."

Mrs Woog "A blog is something I do about 4 hours after I eat a Vindaloo with a double beer chaser."

What is a blog, to me? I could write rivers on it. I could also answer in just two words ... shared humanity. THAT'S what I love about it the most.You know how some days, just being ourselves is enough? And we write to share stuff?


PS I'm in awe of the comments on my last post. We've booked in a real estate agent and have started researching countries. We don't fuck around. I love how a lot of you have done this already. I love how a lot of you can live vicariously through us doing this. I love how you said how wonderful it will be for our children. I love how I will be making all of us do some earnest do-gooding wherever we go. I love that I have a blog. *SELF-CONSCIOUS, JEANS-CLAD BUMBLING CURTSY*


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