Wednesday, 16 May 2012

On the Remarkables. (And Choking.)

Today marks the launch of Australia's first dedicated talent agency for bloggers, The Remarkables Group.

Created by talented leading Digital Specialist Lorraine Murphy, the Remarkables Group recognises a need for a coordinator of blogger and brand relationships in Australia. Lorraine brings her background in PR to "Assist brands in reaching their target audience by partnering with some of Australia’s most influential bloggers. The Remarkables Group can speak the brand’s language and knows the requirements of a great social media campaign."

The first five "Remarkables" have been announced:

Nikki from Styling You
Mrs Woog from Woogsworld
Beth from BabyMac
Sarah from A Beach Cottage

... and me.

I feel very excited to be part of such a big thing for Aussie blogging.

It's a long way from rehab.

MENTAL NOTE: Don't mention rehab when you're trying to appear professional. Shit.


If I were a food blogger right now, I'd write about the green curry paste I made from scratch on the weekend. With really crazy Asian ingredients, and oh my LORDY it was beautiful.

If I were a fashion blogger I'd write about wearing my denim skirt every day for a whole week, accessorising with different scarves.

If I were a savvy business blogger I'd write BUILD READER ENGAGEMENT ASK ME HOW.

If I were a political blogger I'd write about the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard live-blogging today.

I am none of those bloggers. Well, actually I'm all of those bloggers and more - I'm a personal blogger. Us personal ones write about any goddamn thing we want to. It's strange and weird. Especially for me lately as I experience some elements of success, and I wonder when first-time people coming to site will realise exactly how batshit crazy and kind of strange and unbalanced I am.


Also razor smart with a wit that could cut diamonds. And a heart. But always with the crazy.

Right now I feel like Eminem in that rap battle when he was talented enough to get up onstage but then he saw all the people looking at him expectantly. And he choked.

So in conclusion ... The Remarkables opened its doors, signifying a new chapter in the history of Australian blogging. And I choked.

That's cool. I'll be back again tomorrow ... I never choke for long.

(Too arrogant.)


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