Monday, 21 May 2012

Lame Like a Grasshopper, Sting Like a Bee.

We are exhausted after the world's most crap indoor play centre birthday party. Three hundred bucks for some sausage rolls in a grubby room. This guy was cool with it though.

All he cared about the whole day was mo presents mo presents. Before he'd even fully open one, he'd turn to me .. "Do I have another present mum?"


There was a Hulkie cake, made by my sister Linda.


Linda wasn't happy with her Hulk efforts .. "Too Frankenstein." Here's the Mario cake she made for my nephew Joe's party a few weeks ago ...

I KNOW! Linda is a personal trainer who lives in Sydney. She's taking on new clients at the moment. I hereby declare that she is now in the cake-making business too. A cake-making personal trainer ... she'll fatten you up then slim you down. GENIUS!

On the way home we stopped off at Bar Italia like we always do, for pasta, coffee, cannoli and gelato. By the time we got home, Rocco was fast asleep so I put him to bed with a sticky face and dirty feet. He played with his favourite present the next day ... the $9 bug catcher. He wasn't interested in catching a grasshopper, or a ladybug, or a worm.

That shit is too boring ... this guy wanted his very own bee.

I've never heard a bee so pissed off. FURIOUS. Rocco was high with power. He knew the bee was angry. He knew the bee could sting him. He carried it around for an hour, then I talked him into letting it go.

We took the lid off and ran inside .. fast. Shutting the door and laughing the whole way.

Rocco told me that I made him happy and that he likes my cuddles.

Everything was worth everything just to get to that moment.



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