Friday, 25 May 2012

Florence, God, and the Machine.

Woke up this morning and hated the physical world so I shot myself in the face. If you need me I'll be in the underworld all day.

I bought tickets off eBay to see Florence tonight at the Sydney Opera House. I've never bought concert tickets before, I've never paid so much for concert tickets before. They still haven't arrived and I'm starting to think I've been ripped off.

I just want to go on a night out with my husband, see one of the worlds most talented artists backed by a symphony orchestra and a choir. Dave doesn't even know any Florence songs but could see how obsessed I was about it. It's a one-off concert. A DVD will be filmed.

The seller of these alleged tickets is Ana from Newtown. I'm playing it cool. I want to trust Ana from Newtown, believe her pleas and promises to refund my money. I don't want a refund. I want to see Florence and the Fucking Machine.

If Ana from Newtown rips me off I will hunt her down. She will be my enemy and I will be justifiably outraged. We all want a baddie to hate. Ana can be my baddie, my nemesis. She will rue the day she ever thought to cross me.

I'm planning my outfit anyway. Organising my boys on a sleepover, acting as if. Ana could totally turn out to be a hero and get replacement tickets and meet us at the Opera House. That's if she's not busy deleting her eBay account and switching off her mobile phone.

It's so easy to be jaded in life .. mistrust people and question their motives. To never admit how much you want something. To play it safe.

I want this so bad. I want to sit next to my husband and weep at the songs that spirited me to Africa with such spirit. I want our souls to be blasted away and I want us to remember who we are.


UPDATE: Ana was real. The tickets arrived. THE TICKETS WERE REAL. Florence was great. Best part of my night was my husband. Goddamn hunk'o'spunk.

We remembered.


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