Thursday, 12 April 2012

Slumpy, the Stewardess.

"I'm sorry to say so
But, sadly it's true
That bang-ups and hang-ups
Can happen to you."
- Dr Seuss, Oh, the Places you'll Go

Today I am slumpy. Apparently I can fly across the world like a crusader but cannot clean my own bedroom. Just want to shank myself in the head.

I really, really need an airline hostess. The best thing about all that air travel was the way the food was  delivered. Mealtime! Sitting there with my tray, getting all the delicious meals in dear little compartments. In coming back home I've realised that here, the airline stewardess ... is me. Waiting on my children, preparing meals, giving them drinks and comfort and blankies.

On a flight that goes for the next fourteen years.

I knew this comedown would probably happen. Still sucks though. I'm sitting here eating my tater tots for brunch, wondering how all the kids in the camp are doing, if Zenouba has put on any more weight. I'm having an internal crisis about the enormity of the food crisis. Can't just come home and dust off my hands with a, "Whew! Well, that's that then!"

I went on TV yesterday, which was very cool. Dr Andrew Rochford interviewed me on Ten's Breakfast Show after reading my blog the night before. He was genuinely interested, also charming. So many people were tweeting the show, while watching from home. Goddamn I love the contrast of people online knowing social media and how it works in intricate detail. We certainly take a lot of traditional media by surprise.

Pretty sure both of us were shocked at how different I look when my hair and makeup is done.

I'm getting the embed code soon, but for now you can see the video HERE.

I did something inappropriate, back in Africa. An example of idiocy ... just couldn't help it. Everything was so hard and serious, had to break it up. Here it is ... please note, I am not strung out on crack, just sleep-deprived and exhausted. It's important for me to clarify these things.

So. I'm now off to watch a few DVDs of Modern Family. Probably dial another pizza for dinner. Hug my kids a lot. And think about maybe cleaning up my bedroom sometime soon. Maybe.


Check this out: Tunes for Change It's pretty bloody cool.


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