Thursday, 29 March 2012

Silver and Gold.

Yesterday I hopped on a train down to Sydney to talk at a bloggers function. I was sandwiched to the guy next to me, so rested my leg next to his suitcase the whole way. Until I realised near the end that it wasn't his suitcase, it was his leg, and I was the weirdo pressing against him. Poor guy.

I liked his book.

Central Station in Sydney brings back so many memories for me ... some good, most not.

This morning I flew to Melbourne for the launch of the World Vision Australia Blog Ambassadors, of which I am proudly one. This is Richenda. She is the social media at World Vision, and has a heart of pure gold. She was married just a few months ago ... in Hawaii. The photos of her dad giving her away made me cry.

I spent the whole day learning about one of the most worthwhile charities in the world. Exhausting. Brilliant.

Tomorrow is the Digital Parents Conference here in Melbourne. All I can think is: has Max stopped vomiting yet? How did Rocco go at preschool? What did they eat for dinner? Is Dave nurturing them properly, looking them in the eyes, letting them feel heard and loved? How did I end up with a free pass from the sick house? And where can I stockpile all of this guilt?

About ten minutes ago, Nikki and Mrs Woog gave me a present that stopped all my thoughts in their tracks.

A specially handcrafted pendant from the delectable Uberkate. Sitting nestled next to the skull from my mother ... it's like I'm wearing my blog around my neck. Blog dogtags ... blogtags.

Feels like I've been wearing them forever. They make a clinking sound when they touch, kind of like a bottoms-up-I'll-drink-to-that-sound. Except I'm not drinking.

I'm just incredibly blessed.


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